Our Services

Land services
Import Services by means of trailers or other types of vehicles over the International Bridge Of Commerce, Nuevo Laredo, Tamps. and Laredo, TX.
Railway services
Import Service by railway through the Nuevo Laredo Customs, and Laredo, TX.
Aerial services
Aerial services with base in Mexico City.
Maquiladora and Pitex
Information about temporal imports and exports for transformation.
Analysis on areas of opportunity and the  supplier chain, as well as adequate presentations of solutions, according to your needs.
Legal and Consulting advice
Current situation  and new project analysis, as well as advice on important legal changes.

General Services

    • On-warehouse merchandise reception
    • Merchandise classifying and verification
    • Re packaging of faulty merchandise
    • Inventory control
    • Storage
    • Export declarations on USA Customs House
    • Supplier communication
    • USA Customs services
    • Transportation logistics

Managed Customs

    • World Trade Bridge
    • Nvo. Laredo, Tamps-. – Laredo, Texas
    • Colombia, Nuevo León –  Mexico
    • Aeropuerto Intl. de la Ciudad de Mexico
    • Inside Mexico City – Pantaco
    • Warehouse in Laredo, Texas